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Chicago Youth Boxing Club

We specialize in Boxing and MMA instruction

Chicago Youth Boxing Club is a community boxing gym for youth and adults ages 8+. No experience or equipment necessary! Come find us in Little Village, Chicago.

What We Do

We prepare at-risk youth to be successful leaders in the community.

Chicago Youth Boxing Club is a non-profit organization in Little Village, Chicago. Our staff and board act as a family to local youth who face the challenges of inner-city Chicago. We provide professional boxing instruction in small group ratios, and educate our youth in work-readiness skills, nutrition, and aspire to integrate entire families into our programming. CYBC provides over 6,500 hours annually of after-school programming to youth ages 8 and older. Our youth come from Little Village, North Lawndale, Humboldt Park, Cicero and Berwyn. CYBC helps kids transcend perceived limitations and strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives—in and outside the ring.

Talk to CYBC Staff

Call 773.521.9555

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What Our Members Are Saying


Whatever discipline boxing is instilling in our kids, it’s definitely quieting that violent streak.

My coaches, peers, my friends, and what I now call my family have shown me a new way of life. It's made me stronger.

They have to have endurance, they have to have courage, they have to train for weeks and weeks just to get a shot to try sparring in our gym