Coach – Mentorship

CYBC’s coach and mentor relationship model incorporates violence prevention by teaching youth the fundamentals of physical conditioning, discipline, boxing technique and teamwork.

Health & Wellness

CYBC understands the overall importance of an individual’s health from both a physical and mental component. Through small group training and sessions, CYBC’s instructors facilitate conversations around broader nutrition and wellness goals in addition to the fitness and boxing skills participants gain. Additionally, CYBC aids youth in stress and anxiety management skills through both a physical outlet and 1:1 mentoring as needed.


Executive Director

Noah Pickens

Noah Pickens joined Chicago Youth Boxing Club in November of 2022 as the Executive Director. Before CYBC, Noah spent eight years as a high school Social Studies teacher at Benito Juarez Community Academy and Rudy Lozano Leadership Academy. Noah maintained the importance of teamwork and play central to his approach to working with young people. Throughout his teaching career, Noah spent summers coaching at CYBC and implementing youth programs through After School Matters. Noah currently lives in Little Village with his wife and daughter.

Athletic Director

Gabriel Navarro


Boxing Instructor and Coach

Alina Hernandez

Alina Hernandez attends National Louis University, majoring in Criminal Justice. Alina has been active with CYBC for over 7 years as a member and was then hired as the wellness coach. Alina was very shy when she started learning how to hit the bag, steadily progressing to competing, and now coaching youth and striving to enroll more women into boxing. She has achieved a couple of championships along the way, specifically in 2017, she won King of the Jungle and Chicago Golden Gloves. Alina is dedicated and plans to use her experience and expertise to impact as many young ladies as possible during her time at CYBC.


Gym Operations Manager

Raul Alcala

Raul Alcala has been with CYBC for 11 years, first in his childhood and then as he has continued into his adult years. Throughout his time with the club, he has invested in the community with a faithful heart and for the youth he mentors. Raul guides the youth and challenges them to improve their boxing craft along with the discipline to accomplish their goals outside of the gym has always been a priority. CYBC has provided a platform where Raul can live out his passion to help and train youth to achieve their health and fitness goals in addition to their life goals. In his amateur boxing career, Raul won 2010 Illinois State Silver Gloves State Champion, 2011 and 2014 Junior Olympics State Champion, 2014 Junior Olympics Regional Champion, and has been a Power Gloves Champion in 2011, 2012 and 2014.


Boxing Instructor and Coach

Johnathan Salinas

Jonathan Salinas was introduced to boxing at the age of 14, when he was hired as an intern with After School Matters, an after school program CYBC hosts throughout the year. He was moved by the stories he heard through his peers and the impact it has had on the youth and the community. Being at CYBC as a youth, he grew a sense of pride of being a part of an organization that has aided him in his growth. Jonathan believes that boxing is a sport that brings him joy, and CYBC has become a safe space where he can explore his curiosity and elevate his knowledge of the sport. He is a coach whose natural curiosity and fondness of the sport has allowed him to be an individual who is forever growing. He has been boxing since 2016 and is currently an active amateur boxer at CYBC.

Boxing Instructor & Coach

Felix Gonzalez


Si Se Puede Academic Coordinator

Alexis Uribe

Alexis Uribe began as a member at CYBC in 2020 and joined the staff as the Community Engagement Coordinator the summer of 2022. Alexis leads programming at CYBC’s academic center Si Se Puede in addition to building and maintaining connections in the community. Prior to CYBC, Alexis was a 6th grade elementary teacher and piano instructor. Alexis has a passion for serving their community and is able to fulfill their purpose both in service and as an aspiring boxer.


Boxing Instructor and Coach

Jorge Perez

Jorge Perez is a nationally ranked boxer who won Nationals in 2018. He has had more than 70 bouts in his amateur career. He is currently awaiting his professional debut, in late 2021. Coach Jorge has been boxing for over 8 years, starting and continuing at CYBC. He started at CYBC when he was 13, and since then has been infatuated with the sport of boxing. It is here where Jorge’s discipline has grown and expanded. He has become a new addition to the CYBC team, not as a boxer, but as a mentor and trainer to share his passion of boxing and be a positive role model to the youth of the community in and out the boxing ring. He continues to expand and elevate others in and through the sport of boxing.


Office Administrator

Josue Soto

Josue graduated from Muchin College prep and was a CYBC intern for 6 months alongside participating in the After School Matters program at the gym. Upon completion of his internship, Josue was brought on as an official staff member as CYBC’s office manager.

Grant Manager & Writer

Andres Enriquez

Meet Andres Enriquez – our Grant Manager and Writer. Andres joined CYBC as an amateur after earning his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Saint Francis. He is a lifelong student-athlete with a background in track and cross country. Andres is dedicated to helping our club’s youth grow and thrive in all aspects of life. His focus is to instill the core values of CYBC in our members, which he believes will shape them into leaders while also achieving success in the boxing ring.


Office Administrator

Melinda Duran

Melinda M Duran is the Office Administrator at CYBC. Having been raised in the Back of the Yards and the Little Village communities, she is well aware of the challenges many of the youth at CYBC may face. When she was introduced to CYBC, she was immediately impressed with the work being done with the athletes and determined from that moment to be a part of the community at CYBC. Her administrative skills and passion for the youth have been extremely valuable in helping secure scholarships for many of the student athletes. She continues to invest passionately in her work to make sure the youth of her community do not turn to the streets but instead have a safe place to hone their skills.

Volunteers & Board

A Gym With a Mission.

The People Behind the Scenes

Julio Velazquez

Nathan Cantu


Naomi Esquivel

Adrian Guzman

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David Babb (Board Chair)

Sylvia Del Raso (Treasurer)

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